About the podcast

The Human Project is a short, story-driven, independent podcast hosted by 22 year-old Pedro da Silva. New episodes are published every two weeks, on Wednesdays.

The Human Project is founded on a simple premise - that everyone has a story, and that if you take the time to listen, their story emerges. It's a podcast about people - who we are, and the "who," the "what," and the "where" that underpins who we are.

Each season of The Human Project, the people whose stories you hear share a single aspect of their identities with one another. In this first season (The Human Project First Gen) that aspect is First Gen status - each person is either an immigrant or the child of one. 

But the focus of The Human Project is not any single identity element, but rather on the the stories and truths and experiences that make each individual unique.

Join Pedro every other Wednesday as he sits down with people of all walks of life, to hear their stories about everything from first love to strange encounters to finding home in a foreign place. 


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